Holy shit I forgot I had an account here?

2016-04-21 04:40:32 by symphonicshannon

I'm not dead!

I currently have a bunch of music stored, and I literally forgot about this site. All of my compositions are on Soundcloud. I'll upload some compositions here soon.

P.S.: I apologize. Most of you guys have probably abandoned your accounts and moved on, as I did the same. However, I'm still going to put some of my projects on here for use.  


Que pasa?

2012-07-10 01:10:19 by symphonicshannon

Hello, to anyone who actually visited my profile in which makes you unique and special; since, I know this page is not and will not be viewed frequently. As I stated in my information box, my exact purpose here is to innovate piano compositions and piano interpretations. I will maybe, occasionally, create some flash animations to test my skills, if I have any. I'm also here to socialize with the wonderful and talented residents of Newgrounds. I'm looking forward to meeting some talented people who like to collaborate on certain things and will take their hobby or avocation in animating or singing seriously. :)

Well, I think it's time to get started. :3